Music That Matters

It seems so obvious to me now that my intrigue and indignation regarding the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003 would inevitably lead me to a deeper understanding of the events of September 11, 2001.  Although that day was a major turning point in international relations, what is not so obvious is the true nature of the attack.  At some point I had no choice but to recognize, and accept, the apparent fact that all three World Trade Centre towers were taken down as a result of carefully placed and timed explosives.  

As I began to analyze the events of that day, the Bush Administration's narrative simply did not stand up to scrutiny, and at some point I became preoccupied with trying to understand the specifics.  Eventually, I had to accept that there were certain aspects of the attack that some dude sitting at home with a computer simply could not understand.  Nonetheless, there is far too much evidence regarding the events of 9/11 - that conflict with the official government narrative - to simply be ignored, and it is seemingly vital that a new and legitimate investigation be initiated into the events of September 11th 2001.  Although there are many questions that, for me, still remain unanswered - anyone who conducts some research into 9/11 and still believes the "official" account, should probably do some more research.   

The fact that so many people still do not realize the official account of 9/11 is bogus, clearly demonstrates how well the power structures were - and still are - able to manage information and manipulate public perception. In many ways, how the lies are perpetuated is as significant as the lies themselves.  In fact, the propaganda machine that was required to initially manage the information, and subsequently cover it up is seemingly much more effective then anything employed by, for example, the Nazis. Yet, one does not need to be an architect, a scientist, or a demolitions expert, to realize that the truth about 9/11 is much more sinister than has thus far been reported by the corporate media.  

One of the few things that Donald Trump and I have in common, is our recognition that the mainstream American media is nothing more than 'fake news.'  For me, the corporate media - including the CBC and BBC - is like a soap-opera tainted with purposely misleading subplots, whereby one can avoid following the news for several days and still easily pick up the plot where they last left off - living in a world where the forces of freedom and justice are pitted in a battle for survival against violent and amoral Muslim extremists who are conspiring to destroy western civilization. Yet, does the western media ever seriously consider if people living in a region that has become dominated by the interests of foreign governments have a legitimate reason to be angry, disillusioned and frustrated?  Why would people who live in societies where the infrastructure and national institutions have been utterly destroyed - as a result of the policies of foreign governments - turn to tribal affiliations and religious fanaticism? Why would people who continue to live in poverty, whilst the multi-national corporations that dominate the oil industry continue to make billions of dollars worth of profits, demand anything more?  The tragedy is not simply that Westerners do not entertain these questions, but that most cannot even formulate them.

For me, the most difficult part of realizing that 9/11 was a lie is presented by a serious consideration of the implications.  As a Canadian, I wonder how we can pursue a foreign policy so clearly based on lies.  Where are our people on this?  At the highest levels of Canadian government, I wonder who is lying, who is twisting the truth, and who is right out to lunch. Unfortunately, I think the majority of Canadian politicians, academics, and journalists fall into the latter category.  I cannot believe that at the recent NATO gathering, Donald Trump (a guy who never paid taxes) demands that NATO members increase their contribution to fight a fictional war, and Trudeau simply does what he is told.  Where is the leadership?   Has NATO become nothing more than a tool of the Neoconservative power elites in the United States.   Is NATO to become western civilization's Delian League? 

I sometimes wonder what will happen if the truth of 9/11 were exposed, or for that matter - if it ever will be.  Ultimately, it is not only simply people like Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, George W Bush and Donald Trump that disgust me, but the power structures that maintain and legitimize their authority.  I also sometimes wonder about the audacity it took to plan and orchestrate the events that unfolded that September morning.  Certainly the folks who were ultimately responsible for 9/11 have already established contingency plans if their brazen lies ever actually began to be exposed.  

Although I wonder the extent to which the general public (after years of being bombarded with endless propaganda) will ever be able to grasp the truth about 9/11, and, equally important, be able to seriously consider the repercussions - the truth does still matter.  And the truth is that 9/11 is a lie, the ‘War on Terror’ is a complete sham, and Canada's foreign policy is a total joke.  That is why I wrote these songs.

“The Counter-Narrative” is somewhat cathartic, but basically highlights some evidence regarding 9/11 that remains outside the public conscience, while at the same time conveying the anger that inevitably results from the realization that the public is being manipulated by a bunch of delusional megalomaniacs.   The complicity and direct involvement in 9/11 of elements, however small, within the United States government, military and secret services is simply undeniable, and although the attack that day was carried out with military precision, I do not believe it was americans who planted those explosives.  Ultimately, there is only one group that, I believe, had both the means and motives to carry it out - the Mossad.

“Dear Mister Prime Minister”  deals with the apathy too many Canadians have for the 159 Canucks killed in Afghanistan as a result of the atrocious lies that have been told to the Canadian public regarding the so-called 'War on Terror.'  If our men and women in uniform are willing to sacrifice their lives for this country, then I figure the Prime Minister should have the decency, and obligation, to fill them in on some of the more important details.  The Conservative and Liberal leadership should be ashamed of themselves - and should be held responsible.  

“What They Say” attempts to provide some perspective and context regarding the willingness of the elites to use violence in order to secure the flow of an increasingly depleted and valuable resource - oil.  I would like to dedicate this particular tune to the Water Protectors at Standing Rock - for their peaceful determination.  The fight faced by the Sioux Nation in North Dakota is certainly not theirs alone - and should be recognized as a part of a larger struggle.

Finally, I would like to thank my friends who, in various ways, have supported me during the making of this EP.   In particular, I want to thank Joey Polowy, Pat Lauzier and Jason Dagg for their musical contributions, as well as Mitch and KESU Studio.  I also especially want to thank my friend Jason Dagg, who helped me throughout the recording process.  I am truly fortunate and grateful to have had such support from caring friends and talented musicians.